A Holistic Translation Focus

I specialise in medical, environmental, and literary translation, drawing together my language skills, interests, and way of life. I have enjoyed incorporating my experience in the healing arts and midwifery into my career as a linguist and stretching my knowledge with each new project. I have also translated subtitles for award-winning documentaries, feature and corporate films, scripts, and multi-media content.

I believe translating material relating to environmental and holistic living, creativity of any kind, or spirituality requires a strong alignment between core messages and their output into another language, a commitment to respecting the integrity and flow of each language, and personal, experiential understanding of the topics involved.

As a translation professional, I am detail-oriented and creative, and remain faithful to the holistic meaning, intention and originality of documents. I am also a fast learner with precise research skills. In addition to quality, I offer my clients and colleagues a high level of responsiveness and flexibility. Deadlines are always met, and confidentiality is respected. 


Examples of Past & Current Clients (into English & French)

Environment, Science & NGOs

Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty

Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Living Resources

Ice & Sky, Luc Jacquet (multi-media and educational project; into English)

Les Merveilles de la science, éditions Oracom

Irrigation Policies in France (into English)

United Nations: Global Environment Outlook (GEO-4) report

UNEP 2008 Yearbook: An Overview of our Changing Environment

Evian: material for the Water Protection Institute

Conventional Medicine

Roll Back Malaria

United Nations: System Report on Avian and Human Influenza

Haiti: AIDS Epidemiological Profile

Clinical trials, brochures, websites, drug inserts, medical device software for: Allergan, InvivoxBeaufour-Ipsen International, Cytori Therapeutics, Össur

Subtitles: Documentaries, Corporate & Feature Films

Marie Krøyer, Bille August

My Brother’s Keeperdocumentary on Special UN Rapporteur on Torture

Jennifer Wolfe’s Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga, DVD

Bang & Olufsen corporate videos

Inspired by Iceland: Gudmundur Hangouts videos

iTunes series and film blurbs

Literature (into English)

Cathy Bonidan, Chambre 128

Mo Malø, Qaanaaq, Diskø

Alexis de Prévoisin, Faïaoahé


Culture, History, Arts & Crafts

Débuter en couture, éditions Oracom

Simple Things, éditions Oracom

Le Grand guide de l’amateur des fromages, éditions Oracom

La Mythologie grecque et romaine, éditions Oracom

Fascinante Égypte, éditions Oracom

Aller aux Jardins, Brigitte Bauer

Waintrob Project for the Visual Arts

Alternative Medicine & Cosmetics

Se soigner au naturel, éditions Oracom

Les Énergies Crystal et Indigo : un équilibre à tous les niveaux, Anni Sennov

Elemental Herbology

Bare Escentuals

Le Langage des bébés, M-C Busnel (into English)

Articles for World March for Peace and Nonviolence by Pressenza

Apitherapy, Nailya Khismatullina


Expedia’s carbon offsetting programs; Frommer’s; Air France;; Visit Iceland; KLM, Eurostar, Orient Express.

Background: Language and Holistic Living


Born to a French mother and American father, I grew up between Paris and New York, and have been bilingual and bi-cultural since childhood. At the Sorbonne, I dove head-first into my love of language, studying French and American literatures and earning a Maîtrise for my paper on “Transcendental Glimpses in Don DeLillo’s Underworld” under the direction of Professor Pierre-Yves Pétillon.

My university years coincided with a strong focus on yoga practices and a life-long inquiry into all things health-related. After the Sorbonne, I pursued an internship in holistic naturopathy at the Collège Européen de Naturopathie Traditionnelle Holistique, where I dipped into everything from anatomy and physiology to nutrition, Ayurveda, water therapy, relaxation techniques, homoeopathy, acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine.

Life took me back to New York, where it made sense to turn my language skills into a profession: I graduated from New York University‘s translation program and landed my first job as a translator with Berlitz. I also discovered the joy of simultaneous interpreting, translating for meditation intensives and yoga courses in an ashram upstate New York, and later in retreats across Europe and in Maharashtra, India. Interpreting taught me razor-sharp concentration, applying empathy to my work, and a faculty to tune into a speaker’s tone, timber, and vocabulary – quite literally merging with someone’s “voice,” a quality that is just as essential in written translations.

As my family blossomed, my interests turned to babies and birth: home-birth, lotus-birth, freebirth were natural steps along my path, as well as more alternative family ways in line with Joseph Chilton Pearce‘s research on the brain, Michel Odent’s work on primal health, and Waldorf education, assisting Sharifa Oppenheimer in her Rose Garden School. I trained as a DONA doula, assisted home-birth midwives, studied with Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth author, midwife and herbalist Jeannine Parvati Baker, and interpreted at Midwifery Today‘s Paris conference.

I’d be happy to hear about your translation needs. Do get in touch for a quote. 

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